Construction Defect

Construction Defect

We have handled a substantial number of cases involving defectively constructed residences, including water intrusion claims (defects in the building envelope and moisture barriers, defective water supply fittings and landscaping defects resulting in improper drainage), expansive soils claims and defective foundations.

We have also handled extremely technical geotechnical, geophysical and construction management errors and omissions, structural engineering design errors, architectural errors and omissions, installation errors (mis-installation of components), claims involving defective windows and sealants, defective fasteners, aquarium defects, and many other types of claims.

The structures we have analyzed in our litigation practice range from small private homes to massive public buildings, schools, arenas, airplane hangers and underground storage facilities.

Aside from the fairly typical construction defects that are frequently litigated when structures fail, leak or collapse, we have also handled the more specialized areas listed below:

  • Architects and engineers — errors and omissions
  • Defective construction techniques & inspection errors
  • Negligent construction oversight
  • Contract overages and financial mismanagement

Construction Defect Lawyers

Stacey Canaday

Erin Dean